Malaysia Airlines (MAS) may have scored a  viral hit with its 2017 Chinese New Year advertisement but a bad customer service experienced by a popular Malaysia blogging couple is becoming a social wet blanket to the airline's Lunar New Year party. 

Audrey, of, wrote how MAS "ruined" her family Chinese New Year by denying their 11.15am flight to Penang because it was "overbooked", even though they have tickets in hand.

The reason given by the counter staff was they checked-in too late even though Audrey and family was at the counter 90 minutes before the flight.

Wrote Audrey about her husband's conversation with the counter staff,
Staff: I’m sorry, you checked in too late.
Fatty: Huh what do you mean too late? We’re here 1.5 hours before the flight to check in.
Staff: Yea, because check in is open 48 hours before a flight…. Other people already checked in before you so there are no more seats.
Fatty: So? I’m not late to check in what. And I have my tickets!
Fatty happens to be the Timothy Tiah, the founder of Netcentric - parent company of the Nuffnang that rules the blogging advertising space in Asia.

Wrote Timothy,
I used to be a huge supporter of Malaysia Airlines. Like it’s always my first choice of airline even though their planes are getting old and even though there’s a safety stigma to it. I stuck with it through thick and thin.
Not anymore. Here’s why...
You can read more of his side of the story at

The cause of this was found that the 11.15am was overbooked and the counter staff had put passengers on this flight which was earlier cancelled.

Audrey and Timothy was lucky to be bloggers, as Audrey wrote MAS has responded and refunded her MAS Enrich points. The two bloggers shared they overhead other passengers may have been affected by this issue too. These passengers, however, may not be as lucky to get their refund that easily, and may have to tangle through a web of online forms and endless call centers "discussions".

The two blog posts by two very popular bloggers in Malaysia came at the time when MAS was being lauded with its 2017 Chinese New advertisement showing non-Chinese Malaysia speaking in fluent Mandarin and other popular Chinese dialects.

Wrote Yahoo News,

Facebook user, Kenny Teoh, said, “This is the BEST CNY advertisement of the year, and it doesn’t involve any Chinese! Bravo!”
Another user, Hisham Jahudi, said, “Fantastic effort by MAS. Perfectly clear message: cherishing the diversity in our people which is one of our nation’s greatest assets.”

The video may has been viewed 43,000 times with 990 shares as of the time of this writing, yet dismal customer service  experienced by customers can't hide the challenges Malaysian Airlines faces in keeping customers' trust, especially that of two very influential and popular bloggers.

Power to the blog!


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