My experience as a salesperson for the second year has shown to me that most deals are closed, not because of the gift of the gab, but because I am often willing to open a relationship with the customers.

Though my first year was bad, my second year saw some significant increase in sales numbers. It is in this second year of sales that I built several relationships with channel partners and a few VIP customers to close the deal.

That has worked to my strengths. I love meeting people, new and already met, and show that I am willing to do my best to help them solve their problems. Sometimes, it is required to ask questions in order to find out their problem. Once you are able to help customers identify the problem, the selling process can start.

Once you open the relationship, like in any relationship, you need to honest and frank with the customers. Even when there is some bugs found in the software, honesty is usually the best policy with customers.

After you make the deal, it is often very easy to forget the relationship. The easiest way to remember the relationship could be to send a festive greeting. If you have a quarterly healthcheck, it would be great to also follow your post sales team to meet up with the customer. Like the locals say, this is to "show face" and showing face is like a form of advertising to your customers.

As what they say in advertising, once you stop advertising, your customer is most likely to forget who you are.

So make that call or send a quick message to say "hi" to your customer to remind of that your relationship you opened with them.

LikeClosing A Sale Is About Opening A Relationship


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