There are 52 Mondays in 2017. We just had one Monday off for the New Year.

Look at the Public Holidays in 2017 for Singapore below and guess how many more Mondays do you need to work?

New Year’s Day 1 Jan 2017* Sunday

Chinese New Year 28 Jan 2017 Saturday 29 Jan 2017* Sunday

Good Friday 14 Apr 2017 Friday

Labour Day 1 May 2017 Monday

Vesak Day 10 May 2017 Wednesday

Hari Raya Puasa 25 Jun 2017* Sunday

National Day 9 Aug 2017 Wednesday

Hari Raya Haji 1 Sep 2017 Friday

Deepavali 18 Oct 2017 Wednesday

Christmas Day 25 Dec 2017 Monday

For Public Holidays on a Sunday, you will have a official day off on the following Monday. This takes away 4 Mondays which will leave you with 48 Mondays for 2017.

Assuming for holidays on Friday, you take leave on the following Monday and for holidays on Wednesday, you take leave on the Monday prior to the holiday, that is a total 5 Mondays to take away from. This leave you with 43 Mondays in 2017.

Say you have a bad habit of falling sick on a working Monday and you get medical leave for one Monday a month. This takes away 12 Mondays and you are left with 31 Mondays for 2017, almost a month of Mondays to endure.

Are you enduring Mondays because you just hate the day or you hate the job you have to go to on Monday?

You could leave your job for one that you are passionate with. If this isn't an option, maybe you could look at taking the first step to make Monday the best day of the week.

Make Monday your cheat day. Have a great breakfast or a great lunch.

Go plan to hit the gym before work, after work or during lunch hour.

Or you could look at Mondays with an objective to catch up with colleagues on the work to be done.

Given that I am mostly out of the week to make partners and customers, I see Mondays as the best day of the week for me to catch up with my colleagues, especially those in the IT department. Best day ever to let them know the challenges I face in the product or solution, or it would be best day for me to learn what improvements or fixes they have made to the product.

Don't let the Mondays pull you down and make it your best day ever.


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