Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong celebrated his 5 years anniversary on Facebook having joined this social media outlet on 21 April 2012.

The Strait Times only reported that Prime Minister Lee has "amassed 1.1 million followers", but left out some important details that any social media manager would report on.

There are many free online apps that will help you analyse your page and below are a snapshot of Prime Minister Lee performance on Facebook Page.

LikeAlyzer, from Meltwater, gives Prime Minister Lee's Facebook Page a score of 77 out of 100.

In comparison, fellow Singapore Government Public Figures like Ng Eng Heng and Grace Fu has higher LikeRank than Prime  Minister Lee Hsien Leong.

Chee Soon Juan, an opposition party member in Singapore, ironically, is the highest ranking LikeRank politician with a score of 82.

LikeAlyzer also analysed that Prime Minister Lee's posts mainly make up of photos (79.2%) and followers react most to his photos. 

Followers, in particular, response best to his photos from morning 8am - 10am Singapore. Maybe it is the rush hour that provides Followers with more ample time to Like Prime Minister Lee's photos. 

LikeAlyzer suggests that Prime Minister Lee to be more curious about his followers by asking them more questions. 

FanPageKarma provides more details of Prime Minister Lee's Facebook performance. 

In the four years, Prime Minister Lee's top post is that of him sharing the photo of his father, the late MM Lee Kuan Yew, upon MM Lee's passing. The post had 291,670 likes, 4,696 comments and 18,809 shares. 

(There was processing error in the image, and the link to the post can be found at

FanPageKarma analysed that Prime Minister Lee prefer to post on a Sunday and posts on Sunday seem to have the most success in terms of interactions.

As expected, the majority of Prime Minister Lee's Facebook Page followers are from Singapore, followed by Malaysia. Interestingly in 3rd place is Vietnam.

Growth of new followers for Prime Minister Facebook Page seem to be plateauing though. However, given that there are 3.5 million active Facebook users in Singapore, there is room to grow for more Singapore followers.

If Prime Minister Lee's Facebook was an advertising media, the total value of his posts amounts to 8 million Euros or 11.90 million Singapore dollars.


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