The PR department of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia may have thought of a great event to bring FinTech closer to the Malaysia media, but a single line in its email promo has found to be described as patronising it audience it looks to invite. 

Malaysia media has taken to social media to point out asking why is this PR department looking to train media on how to write a great FinTech story as part of the goals of attending this bridging workshop.

Is the PR indicating that while the Malaysia media has been writing FinTech stories, it still have not achieved the level of greatness that of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia standards? 

"A media workshop on how to write fintech stories: From a banks point of view I wonder what's their idea of a great story??" wrote one journalist in the media group. 

Another journalist sarcastically pointed out if "the hired trainer to teach us how to cross our t's and dot our i's, or someone to hone our BS detectors, so we know what a banks intentions towards fintechs Really Are!"

The intent of the workshop might been great, but the words used to highlight the goal of the event certainly may have already burned bridges than build one.


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