Some brands have started fan pages to go “social” and to gain brand awareness among these fans.

However, once fans start using the fan page as a channel for customer service, some of these brands freeze at the thought of dealing with these complains.  More likely, the department that created the fan page must be from marketing and not from customer service.

“Not my problem,” would most likely be said marketing.

Parature introduced a Facebook app which allows the brand to properly manage the complains as opposed to deal with them, wall post by wall post.

From Parature,

Facebook page administrators can enable fans to search your knowledgebase, submit tickets and chat with customer service agents - all direct from Facebook using Parature Chat, Ticket and Knowledgebase. And your customers can even share their service experiences with their own Facebook friends.

This could be a good solution to prevent social media fiascos like what happened on HTC and Tiger Airways fan pages.


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