Digital Life partnered Taggo during the recent IT Show to recognised fans of the Digital Life Facebook Page and offered their Facebook fans some benefits from the IT vendors at the show.

The resulting campaign resulted in Digital Life recruiting a total of 1769 new fans during the four-day show.


The increased in the new fans was highly due to the viral effect which is initiated when ever a fan is recognised at the Digital Life Booth.


According to Facebook, each fan has an average of 150 friends. As such, the status update generated by Taggo on the fan’s wall will be seen by his/her 150 friends. Curious friends interested to find out more about Digital Life’s offer to fans will click on the Digital Life Singapore link and will have more incentive to like the page.

Liking a page itself will only show that the fan has liked a Page. This status update, which can be edited by the Page admin, provides the fan’s friends with more details with why he/she liked the Page. In this case here, the fan is promoting Digital Life’s promotion at the IT Show, and thus becomes more reasons to like the Digital Life Page.

The Facebook recommended cost per click for attracting Singapore fans is at a max of USD1.67. Even if the click thru were as effective as 50%, it would have cost Digital Life and estimated USD5,908 to achieve this fan growth.

Visitors to the Digital Life booth at the IT Show were open to linking their ezlink card with their Facebook account and registration took minutes. Half of the taps at the Digital Life booth come from new fans which showed that visitors were also interested to get fan benefits and find out more about the Digital Life Facebook Page.

Besides the increased in new fans, there were also other benefits that Digital Life took away from the IT Show campaign with Taggo.

Digital Life now has a database of Facebook fans who have registered with Taggo and are, therefore, opened to received updates on future fan benefits. When a fan joins the page, the page admin can only communicate with the fan via the status update. Upon registration with Taggo, the fan would have provided permission to be communicated via email.

The counter staff at Digital Life were also able to greet fans by their name. Instead of “Hi Fan!”, it was “Hi Mr/Ms so and so. Thank you for being a fan!” Instead of shock, most fans look surprised and smiled when greeted by their name.

To find out more about Taggo and how fan recognition can help you bring more new fans to your Facebook Page, just drop us an email at info(@)


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