Rock and Ash has officially launched the Rock and Ash Fan Club powered by PayPal.

To join the Fan Club and link your PayPal account, all you need to do is visit

Wrote Koon Teck, the partner at Rock and Ash,

Dear Fans, do you know that you can now use your paypal to pay for your meal at our cafe ? You just need to link your Fans account to your paypal and using your handphone to authorise the purchase when paying at the cashier. It is seamless, cashless, cardless and most importantly you get 20% discount off.

Aneace Haddad, CEO and founder of Taggo, paid for his first burger with PayPal at Rock and Ash a few weeks back.

Wrote Aneace,

Look Ma! No credit card! No wallet! Just my mobile phone!

I just paid for my first burger with PayPal at Rock and Ash. When fans join the Rock and Ash fan club, they have the option to link their mobile number to their PayPal account. Then, at the point of sale, all they have to do is give their mobile number to the cashier. The customer receives an SMS to authorize the transaction, and that's it. The purchase is done.

Fans get big discounts, merchants get more fans and word of mouth advertising (for free! Almost forgot to mention that) and PayPal gets a cool new way to create demand for mobile payments at the point of sale.

In discussion with clients, paying with PayPal offline provides retailers with a much affordable alternative to accept credit card payments.

There are no high sign-up fees or monthly rental fee that most banks ask for to install a simple credit card terminal at the point of sale.

The other advantage is the free word-of-mouth advertising that engages friends of the fans to be aware of the fan club and the participating retailer. Rock and Ash acquired 205 new fans in just one month of the launch of the fan club. In comparison, it took them six months to acquire this same number of new fans previously

In addition, since no credit card details is exchanged at the POS, this increase the level of security between retailer and customer.

For more information on how to set up your fan club, please email info(at)


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