Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/DigitalLifeSg
Campaign Title: Digital Life Fan Club 842 check-in fans generated 1,851,231 impressions, 1,574 clickthroughs and 1,567 new fans in just four days at IT Show 2012
Launch Date: 07 March 2012

Most social media agencies will tell brands to get on the social media bandwagon to engage fans at events; they often do it with no clear way to identify fans. Some resort to using social mobile tools like Foursquare to engage fans. Such methods often do not generate the desired results.

Take Lenovo for an example. At Sitex 2010, Lenovo launched a Foursquare campaign and predicted they could achieve a minimum of 30 check-ins a day. During the four day event, they only received a total of 16 check-ins (http://socialpr.blogspot.com/2010/11/did-lenovo-singapore-foursquare.html).

At the recent IT Show 2012, Digital Life too wanted to reward their Facebook fans by launching their Facebook Fan Club.  Registered fans were reward with Digital Life premiums, discount vouchers and a chance to participate in their lucky draw at the IT Show 2012.

How does it work?

Prior to the IT Show, Digital Life posted a QR code in their weekly issue to get readers to register as fan club members. Then, during the IT Show, fans visited the Digital Life booth and told the counter staff their mobile numbers. The staff entered it into the Taggo POS application to check the fan in. Once identified as a fan, the staff gave the fan club benefits.

What were the results?

1,624 readers scanned the QR code oriented in Digital Life prior to the IT Show.

In just four days of The IT Show, 842 fans checked in at the Digital Life booth to enjoy their fan benefits. The stories published by each check-in generated a total of 1,851,231 story impressions, entirely among friends, and a total of 1,669 friends clicked on the check-in story to learn more about the Digital Life Facebook Page.

Stories Published1
Story Impressions2
Story Clicks3
New Fans

(1) The number of stories that were published on the fan's wall from Taggo. A story is published when the cashier check-in the fan at the counter.
(2) The number of times your stories were shown to the fan's friends on Facebook, either in their News Feed or on the right of the page as an ad.
(3) The number of times friends clicked on a story.


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