When I blogged about how Microsoft wants to "smoke" Singaporeans when they launch "Get Smoked by Windows Phone" campaign here, a challenger in US who won  got "smoked" by Microsoft.

"Smoke" in local Singapore slang means to bluff, cause confusion, etc..

A Samsung Galaxy Nexus user in the US challenged the Windows Phone and won, he was indeed "smoked" by the Microsoft store staff.

Wrote Sahas Katta,

My opponent finished a split-second later. She had two live tiles on her home screen displaying the weather of two different cities as well. Why does it take longer on Windows Phone? She had to perform two actions. First, she hit the power button to turn on the screen. Second, she had to swipe away the lock screen. That’s pretty much as fast as it gets on that platform. Windows Phone takes two interactions. Android takes just one.

 After pressing for a better reason, I was told that Windows Phone won “just because.”

Sahas Katta continued to say the store manager, trying to settle the argument, came up with a "gave a ridiculous out-of-thin-air reason".

In Singapore, we can indeed call that to be "smoked" by Microsoft.

In all fairness, Microsoft contacted Sahas after the blog post was shared by the social media community, especially from Reddit.

Sahas won himself a new PC and mobile phone, but will be auctioning them off for charity.


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